Error Messages

Error Messages Can Happen

Software is not perfect, with millions of code lines something is bound to go wrong. It is constantly interacting with other software and doesn’t always play nice. It is also possible that through updates something may have become corrupted. Some errors may just go away after clicking ok, but others may prevent your computer from booting.

How We Can Help

We have been around for so long (since 2003 to be exact) that we have seem thousands of different errors happen on computers. There is almost always a workaround to stop errors from happening, and you can be sure that our technicians will find it. We will try to fix the error, if your computer isn’t loading to Windows we will try to boot it into a diagnostic mode so that we can still work on the problem. In the event that is is very severe, we can assist with file backup and Windows re-install which is always our absolute last option.